jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Z Fish Report (5/6/10)

         Historically, we have always had a poor March/April for the blue water species, with this year being no different. And, after the 1st week of May, things turn around completely. This is what is happening again this year.

         The 30 plus year annual sailfish tournament was this last Friday though Sunday. It was a record breaking year, but fortunately not for sailfish killed; but rather the tournament had 220 boats signed up. With wind and rough seas, the overall winner took home a nice first prize of a Hummer truck, with a small (by other year comparisons) 86 pound sailfish. The tournament averaged much less than a sailfish a day per boat.
         Since last weekend's tournament, the current prospects show the blue 80° water moving in a full 10 miles, and 20 miles off the beach today (Thursday). Give the water a few days to calm down, after being beaten by more than 200 boats, and we can expect a very decent turn around.
         Adolfo and Cheva, on the pangas Dos Hermanos I and II, fished the area at 20 miles on a straight out 200° heading today, releasing 2 striped marlin for Adolfo, and two sailfish for Cheva.
         The inshore water is still very cold at 72°, with not much action other than the hard fighting jack crevalle. The jacks are being taken on light line outfits with a slow trolled Rapala or a live bait.

Ed Kunze

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