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Z Fish Report (6/10/10)

           With the blue water holding just off the beach, the 80° surface temps are ranging from the beach to at least 60 miles out. And, the fishing is good.
         What is not so good is there are very few people here to enjoy it. We are only putting 5-10 boats on the water a day. That is the whole fleet, and with about half the boats fishing inshore, it is hard to find the concentrations of fish in the blue water.         
We are getting blue marlin, a few striped marlin, lots of yellowfin tuna, and sailfish. The marlin and tuna are being taken between the 18-25 mile marks, with the sailfish being mostly found  in decent quantities between the 6-10 mile areas.
          Adan, on the panga Gitana II had a couple of back to back bad luck days; however there were some very exiting moments. His client, Walter Glenn of Las Vegas was casting at yellowfin tuna with the 12wt fly rod, and had been very successful for several fish. But, he made one cast too many, as a 300 pound plus blue marlin ate the fly, with Walter ending up with a broken rod, a lost fly, and lost fly line.
          The next day, with Walter borrowing my fly reel (while I replaced the fly line on the other), and armed with one of Rebeca’s special billfish flies, Adan teased in another huge blue. At least Walter was using the 14wt this time. The fish took off for about 10 minutes, and did not jump until a long ways out from the boat. Then it put on a display, and unfortunately cut the 40 pound butt section with its beak.
          At least the next day he got more yellowfin tuna (to 30 pounds), raised 3 sailfish, and released an estimated 200 pound blue marlin on conventional gear.
         Jeff and Louise Stackhouse of South Carolina fished with Santiago on the super panga Gitana. With conventional gear, they had an outstanding day, releasing an estimated 300 pound blue marlin, a sailfish, and getting 4 football yellowfin tuna.
         Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos fished the blue water only 1 day, releasing 5 sailfish for his client.
         Inshore, Adolfo reported there are jack crevalle on the beaches in tonnage quantities. And, the fish are big, ranging from 18 to 25 pounds. He also took 3 roosters between 18 and 25 pounds, with the main concentrations of bigger fish not yet here.
(sailfish photo by Paul Phillips)
Ed Kunze

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