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Z Fish Report (6/24/10)

With the blue water at only about 6 miles and a short ride off the beach, we are really getting some very warm surface temperatures. Morning readings are 84-85° with afternoon readings as high as 86-88°.
            The blue water action has also slowed down some, but not a lot. Part of this is because I only counted 5 boats yesterday morning leaving the municipal pier in Zihuatanejo Bay with clients, and three of the boats were fishing inshore. There are just not many people here.
             Martin, on the 35 foot cruiser Gaviota, told me the average is 2 to 3 sailfish a day per boat. Plus, one private yacht out of Marina Ixtapa was flying 6 sailfish release flags today (Thursday).
            Santiago, on the super panga Gitana, fished three days this week; with the first day taking 6 yellowfin tuna to 30 pounds, releasing 2 sailfish and getting another tuna on day 2, and wrapping it up by releasing a estimated 180 pound blue marlin on the last day (today).
            Inshore, roosterfish and jack crevalle fishing is still excellent. Early in the week, friend and fellow fly fishing guide Lance Peterson guided clients Tom Lorish and Kurt Ransohoff of California for 4 days. They were with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II. Lance told me they raised more roosters than they could count while fishing down south between Valentine and the antennas. Tom did get a nice one of almost 30 pounds, with Kurt leadering 3 large jacks to 20 pounds. The next couple of days saw a few more jacks caught and a couple of roosters, with lots of missed opportunities.
            One of the problems they encountered, hurting their chances for the spectacular results of the first day, is a couple of pods of bufeos (pronounced boo-fay-ohs) moved in on the same beaches they were fishing. A bufeo looks like a porpoise, but is twice as long. They are actually false killer whales, and a predator to roosterfish and jacks.
            Fishing with Adolfo on the Dos Hermanos, I guided Rosario and Cecile Tortoice of Houston. We went north to the Buena Vista Beach area and ended up with 5 nice roosters to about 40 pounds.
Ed Kunze

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