jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Z Fish Report (7/8/10)

The 80° blue water is still just a couple of miles off the coast, and the sailfish bite is holding up. After last week’s 15 inches of rain in a 4 day period, I am really surprised the blue water wasn’t pushed out further with the massive intrusion of fresh water from the costal rivers and streams that are abundant on our coast.

           However, the sailfish action does not surprise me, as we always get a mini-migration of fish coming back from parts further south in July. Sometimes it lasts only a week, and other times it may last the whole month. It appears the main migration of sailfish, heading north to the Sea of Cortez region, usually pass way out at sea. But, a few of the fish stay close to shore and give us some great action in July. Whereas, when the sailfish return from the north in the winter, we have the major migration close to shore. This is why fishing from November, and on into February, is so good.
           Last week’s rain did affect the roosterfish and jack crevalle action, and it will probably take another week to get back to decent fishing again. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, told me the inshore is still too murky from the runoff and has been fishing offshore. He is releasing an average of 3 sailfish and getting either a shot or catching a blue marlin or striped marlin each day for his clients. Plus, due to the heavy outflow of trees, grass, etc. out of the rivers, a few dorado are showing. I heard an unconfirmed report of a 55 pound dorado being taken today (Thursday).
           Neither Santiago or Adan on the Gitana pangas fished much this week, but did well fly fishing with the Steve Powers fly fishing group this last week. Santiago also is the one who sent me the photos posted this week.
           Martin on the 35 foot cruiser (at only $350 a day) had 5 strikes on sailfish, but managed to only catch and release 2 for the one day he fished.
Ed Kunze

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