viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Z Fish Report (8/6/10)

           The 84° blue water is still holding at 16 miles. There is also a huge area of very warm 88° water holding just south of Zihuatanejo, on down towards Acapulco.

          Normally, water this warm would not be productive for blue marlin, but the consensus among the captains is there are as many blues out there as there are sailfish. This is probably due to the huge amount of black skipjack tuna we have here right now. The blue marlin are just simply following the food supply. Plus, a 3 pound tuna is too large for a sailfish.
           Early in the week, the skies were clear and the fishing decent for all species. But, the last couple of nights has seen some very intense rains. This morning’s (Thursday) rain, from about 1:30 until 2:00 dumped 3” of rain and wind on us in a half hour. Plus it lasted intermittently until about 10:00, but much less intense.
           Inshore has been slow, with the roosters moving off the beach and into deeper and cleaner water. One bright note is the ojtones, a member of the hard fighting jack family, is giving the inshore fisherman a lot of action. The 20 to 25 lb. good eating fish are being taken off the rock pinnacles, the White Rocks, and the rocky points on live bait and trolled Rapalas.
Ed Kunze

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