viernes, 10 de septiembre de 2010

Z Fish Report (9/10/10)

Water temperatures, from the Terrafin Satellite Surface Temperatures, for the entire area are recording a warm 82° to 84° degrees. The clean water is showing at 10 miles off the beach, but the deep blue water has been pushed out to past the 30 miles mark. The main reason the blue water is out so far is the series of thunderstorms which hit us early in the week. For three days they rolled in, with wave after wave hitting us for 72 hours straight. At times the rainfall was incredibly intense, with 8” coming during one 6 hour period. The total for the three days was about 16 inches.

The coastal rivers, with tremendous outflows of brown water, have made the inshore waters too murky for roosterfish, all up and down the coast. I have written off the roosters until about after the 1st week of October.

The few boats going out are finding the fish at the contact line of the clean water and blue. The current has created a line of debris which has washed out from the rivers and the dorado are there. The boats are each getting and average of 1 to 2 sailfish a day, but about 4 or 5 nice sized dorado.
Ed Kunze

The following knot schematics are from the web site

I am featuring the Palomar knot this week. It is a true 100% strength knot, simple to tie, and great on light line connections to the hook for any pound test up to 50 pound line.

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