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Z Fish Report (10/21/10)

The 82° clean water is within 6 miles of the beach. With the rain season over, the streams and rivers are now running clear and at a much lower volume, allowing the blue water to move back in closer and the inshore to clear up.

The action has also improved substantially. Lots of sailfish are being caught, but there are few people to take advantage of it. We also have dorado, yellowfin tuna, striped marlin and even blue marlin less than 20 miles out from Zihuatanejo Bay.

Some notable catches: Early in the week, Joey Minvielle of New Iberia, LA fished three days with Martin on the cruiser Gaviota. Two of the days were on the slow side, but on one day they released 2 blue marlin between 200 and 250 pounds, and kept a nice 18 pound dorado for dinner. In October, this same feat can be done in other parts of the world, but show me where it can be done on a 35 foot cruiser chartering for only $350. Joey told me he was in the Bahamas recently with the three days of fishing here being almost the same cost as his one day there.

Peter Arancio of San Jose, CA emailed me this: Saturday 16th- Fished on the Gran Jefe. Caught a 80 Kg (176#) Yellow Fin Tuna. Took us 5 1/2 hours to land it. We also caught a 10kg (22#) Mahi Mahi.
         Sunday 17th - Fished on the Bloody Hook with Ciro. Caught 2 - 50kg + (110#) Striped Marlin, 2 - 35kg+ (77#) Sail Fish Monday 18th - Fished the Bloody Hook went for small game skip jacks(5), bonita(5), Dorado(lost one next to the boat), Spanish Mackerel (1). Trolled for rooster fish near the Islands south of the harbor and near the opening of the river. We had one hit but no more. Highly recommend Ciro. Overall great fishing.

Michelle and Francisco
 Mike Bulkley’s friends from Ocean City, Maryland came to visit and fish with him and Francisco on the panga Huntress. There was no lack of captains, with Captain Mike Bulkley, Captain Francisco, and Captain Nick Clementi. I guess Nick’s wife Michelle was deckhand, chief cook and bottle washer. Mike sent me this report: Four Dorado, two large Jacks, numerous Bonito and one Rooster and one Sailfish fishing three trips. Capt. Nick Clementi and his wife Michelle accounted for most of the fish including the Rooster and the Sail. The Roosters were caught north of Pantla on Saturday and Michelle released the sail on Monday about 15 miles out in very pretty blue water.
Captain Nick Clementi and Francisco - Photos by Mike Bulkley

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, reports lots of smaller roosters in the 8 to 25 pound class and lots of sierras.

Ed Kunze

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