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Z Fish Report (11/25/10)

By Tuesday of this week the 80° blue water had moved back in close to the beach with it now being only a short run of about 6 miles. And the game fish are responding. Francisco, on the super panga Huntress, with his client from France, was making long runs of 25 miles or more early in the week and has been able to follow the blue water back to the coast, making no more than 15 mile runs in the last couple of days. He is averaging a hooked striped or a blue marlin and 4 sailfish a day. All fish have been released.
Capt. Francisco on the Huntress about to release a sailfish

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, is also averaging 4 to 5 sailfish a day, with Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, getting 3 to 4 sailfish a day, but also had 3 consecutive days with a hooked blue marlin. Fighting a big blue marlin really cuts into the amount of trolling time to find more sailfish. Adolfo and Cheva’s fish were found between the 6.5 and 15 mile marks.

With Adolfo’s son as my deck hand, Argentine fly fishing client Enrique Amatore and I went down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero for 2 days of fly fishing. We fished an area new to me, and a long ways south of the Port. But, the boat ride was worth it.
Enrique Amatore with a nice fly caught sierra

The new spot, about 3/4 of a mile off the beach, has a couple of sea mounts coming to within 25 and 50 feet from the surface. It was incredible. I have never seen bait fish dimpling the surface here on this coast like I saw on our 1st day down there. Huge schools of green jacks, sierras, and pompano were busting bait everywhere. The jack crevalle were averaging 10 to 20 pounds and schools would cruise in and out. Huge roosters, to an estimated 50 pounds, were mixed with the jacks.

With Adolfo Jr. casting the hook-less popper, we brought about 20 jacks to the boat and 8 roosters. Plus, because we were dead in the water the whole time on a sea of glass, the dorado would come over and investigate. We had several legitimate shots at dorado.
Enrique Amatore with a very nice red snapper (barely
hooked) on the fly. He got this because we were very
 close to the 25 foot sea mount.

We also saw this small humpback whale down at Puerto Vicente Gro.
This photo gives you an idea on how glassed out the water was.
Unfortunately, when we went back the next day, the current changed and brought in dirty water. There was no bait, no nothing. We couldn't buy a fish. But, you bet I will going back.
Ed Kunze

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