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Z Fish Report (12/16/10)

The 80° clean water is only a couple of miles off the beach, with most of the very good sailfish action taking place at the 10 to 12 mile marks. The fishing has been excellent for most species. The boats are all averaging 3 to 4 sailfish a day, with a few blue marlin and dorado thrown in for good measure.

Ivan from Denmark with dinner

Ted Krishisky of California has been fly fishing every day this week with Cheva’s son Anibel on the panga Arapa, and doing well on sailfish. They are averaging about 5 strikes a day, with 3 coming to the boat, and Ted has hooked a very fair share of them. Ted has been coming here for several years. On the morning I was talking to him he had logged his 96th sail on the fly the previous day.

Cheva, on the Dos Hermanos II, and I fly fished a few days with members of the Dave Welty group. It was Dave’s 50th birthday, so a fairly large group of family members and friends, from predominately the Seattle area, but also coming from as far as Denmark got together here, and did a little fishing too.

Ivan's dorado
On the 1st day, fishing with Chris Moffett and Kenton Quist, with Chris using his 12wt the first sailfish charged the boat, ate the fly, and was tagged and released in 22 minutes. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sailfish did the same act, but Kenton was not able to get a hook set. Such things do happen when you are snake bit.
Chris Moffett with his about to be released sailfish

Fishing with Dave the next day, and fortunately he was using my 14wt outfit, a blue marlin ate the fly. The estimated 225 pound blue disregarded the banana Dave had on the boat and gave us a perfect demonstration of following the teaser in, charging the fly and a miss, shake the fly side to side, with another miss, and then a solid hook-up on the 3rd try. With suburb boat handling by Cheva, Dave got the blue to the boat twice at the 40 and 45 minute marks, but about two feet too far out of reach for us to cut the leader. On the second time to the boat, the blue took off again, with the tail hitting and cutting the 40 pound butt section like it was butter. It was a great fight, an excellent release, and I didn’t lose my fly line.
Dave with his blue marlin at the other end.

We also had several strikes on dorado in the trolled teasers, managing to get a 15 pounder for Dave’s group for dinner.
Ivan's dorado on the gaff

For the inshore, we had a heavy swell hitting the beaches this week, making it tough for fly casters to get close to where the fish were. Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos, fishing with some of the younger members of the group (Dave’s son and his two friends are 10), had an excellent day of casting and trolling for small jack crevalle, sierras, and skipjack tuna. Young kids, to stay hooked on fishing, need a lot of fish to keep them occupied and interested. The 40 fish day did that very well.
Ed Kunze

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