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Z Fish Report (12/29/10)

The terafin.com satellite photos show the blue water moving out and away from Zihuatanejo Bay to the north to about the 15 mile mark. But, on a 200º to 180º heading to the south, it is still within 6 miles from the lighthouse.

And, the fishing has been excellent. We are coming out of the full moon period, and going into our most productive blue water time of the year for sailfish…January.

Each boat is averaging about 3 sailfish a day released in the blue water. High boat in the fleet this week was Martin on the cruiser Gaviota with 9 sailfish releases.

Mike Bulkley had this to say about the fishing:
The offshore fishing improved dramatically this week with multiple strike and hook-ups every trip. Tim Shmalhofer from Pennsylvania fished with Capt. Francisco on the Super Panga "Huntress" twice and released 7 Sailfish. Zef Padovani from British Columbia, age 13, caught and released his 1st, 2nd, 3rd. and 4th. sailfish on his first trip on the Huntress and added another Sail and two Dorado on his second. He also expertly set the hook on sails 3 and 4 under the guidance of Capt. Francisco.
Zef and Francisco wiith one of Zef's 5 sailfish he released.

But, the biggest surprise is the roosterfish have come back. Actually, I don’t think they came back, as our local fish headed south for warmer water in early November, but we are getting a great showing of a southerly migration from parts unknown to the north of us.
Adolfo with a small rooster taken on a surface popper

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos went 1½ hours north on Tuesday and raised 28 roosters, hooking and releasing 10. He was using surface poppers and slow trolled live bait. Per Adolfo, they varied from “fairly small to medium to large”. Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, worked the areas to the south to the antennas and below, doing well on 3 roosters and lots of large jack crevalle.

Jose Pino, in Puerto Vicente Guerrero, where I am going tomorrow, told me there are lots of roosters and jacks. Hopefully, we will get into some of the action with the fly rods.

Ed Kunze

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