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Z Fish Report (1/13/11)

The fishing for the sailfish can only be described as being way down when compared to other years in the past. This is supposed to be our best couple of weeks of the year, but with 2 to 3 sailfish per boat per day, the numbers of fish just aren’t here. Is it the illegal long lines are finally taking their toll in Mexico? Or, as most captains are saying, is it due to a cold current coming in way early this year? I am thinking the lack of conservation is taking its toll, with the captains closing their eyes, crossing their fingers, and “hoping” it is the current. There has just been too steady of a decline since I moved here 14 years ago, and the captains have seen it too.

Graham Burbank, of  Lake Geneva, WI with a very nice
 dorado taken down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero
Photo above and below by Ed Kunze

Graham with his sailfish and Jose Pino just before the release.
      Along the lines of conservation, I got an interesting email from Roger Reese. His observation on future conservation in the U.S. does have some merit. “In the U.S. conservation is being taken care of by the lack of participation. With the event of the hi-tech X-boxes, i-Pods , 3g, 4g, cell texting, and the list doesn't stop there: The next generations have very little interest in the outdoors or nature. Fishing and hunting is down by 5-7% annually.” Roger Reese               
      But, lack of participation also means lack of income for fishing and hunting, and it is always the sportsmen’s dollars who lead the way for future conservation.

Mike Bulkley at the helm with Francisco
checking things out. They had just lauched the Huntress II
 and broke her in wih a sailfish and a dorado on her maiden voyage.
While on the Municipal Pier this morning (Thursday) at 5:30, and talking to the captains to get a feel for this fish report, they were trying to “promote” me by saying 5 and 6 sailfish a day by, etc. But further questioning, and also by spending the day on the water with fly fishing client Brent Schwarz of Lake Geneva WI, I came to realize it is a whole different story. More realistic is 2 sailfish a day, with most of the fish caught 2 to 4 miles offshore, and using conventional gear. And, very few dorado are being taken. It is darn tough with the fly rod right now.

Graham's dorado in action

For sure a couple of boats posted 4 and 5 fish days this week, but historically we should have a few boats posting double digit days, with the rest averaging 4 to 5 releases.

Also this morning, Adolfo and Cheva on the Dos Hermanos boats told me they have been fishing the inshore all week. They both told me there are lots of sierras and green jacks, but the jack crevalle and roosters are scarce.

Ed Kunze


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