viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Z Fish Report (2/4/11)

The blue water current, for the predominately 80º water, is shifting so rapidly it is incredible. Yesterday (Wed.), fly fishing with John and Mary Hechk of Bozeman, Montana down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero, we found the clean water at 7.5 miles and exactly where the Terrafin Satellite photos said it would be. We got 4 strikes on sailfish between the 8.5 and 12.5 miles marks, and hooked two sailfish on the fly.

While fishing with John and Mary Hechk, we came across this sea turtle trapped in a wooden crate. it would have died if Jose Pino had not released it. This goes to show, even innocent debris from man, can be a death trap for sea life.
Today I went back with Gary Meger of Toronto, Canada and we went directly to the same areas as the previous day. The water was a warm 80º, but a dingy brown. It was not until the 20 mile mark we found the clean water. We only raised 2 sailfish all day, and nothing else. One followed the teaser to the boat, but had no interest in Gary’s fly. Heading back to port, and in a matter of just a few hours, we had clean water almost to the beach…incredible.
A humpbacked whale, with the Sierra Madres in the background.
Unfortunately, coming back a bit, and at the 15 mile mark, we came across a long line run out of a panga. The panga was from Zihuatanejo, with no name, but had a large dorado chasing bait painted on each side of the bow. I always use Jose Pino when fishing out of Puerto Vicente Guerrero, and when he saw the simbra (long line) and the panga, he was livid. We sat there for about 5 minutes talking to the illegal fishermen; and it wasn’t for just pleasantries. Jose told them he has clients with him and can’t do anything right now, but if they come back into his territory, he will have “other” people with him and will not be restricted.

This is what needs to be done in Mexico! Jose was not limited as the Zihuatanejo captains are; where the illegal fishermen are a cousin or a brother-in-law. He did not know them, but knew they were illegally killing sailfish, and his future. They got the message.

An interesting note is when we were only about ½ a mile off the point, we spotted two humpback whales. We shut the engine down and got the cameras ready. Just as the cameras were coming out of the bags, one of them went completely air-born about 150 feet away from the panga. It was truly awesome. While waiting for another, the second one breached further away and where we weren’t looking. I got off a snap shot…but it is blurred.

Ed Kunze

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