sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

Z Fish Report (4/23/11)

I delayed posting this fish report an extra day, hoping something would break loose, and it didn’t. The full moon period is just beating us over the head, and we can’t change Mother Nature. The 80º water is just 6 miles off the beach, with the deep blue 84º water at 14 miles.

About the only decent report for the blue water this week was Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos. At 16 miles, he released two sailfish.

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II was with combination spin / fly fishing client Steve Turpin of Atlanta, Georgia and got several sierras, black skipjack tuna, and missed a couple of roosterfish on the fly. The smallest we estimated at 25 pounds and the larger one may have gone 50 pounds.
Ed Kunze
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