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Z Fish Report (5/26/11)

The water is a lot warmer this year than in the past. We are having 82 degree surface temperatures inshore and 86 degrees offshore. This is great for the rooster action, but May has traditionally been our best month for big tuna and blue marlin. They prefer 78 to 80 degree water. But, sailfish like the warm water, so it may be a tradeoff. This was made evident with Martin, on the cruiser Gaviota, hooking 5 sailfish for his clients today (Thursday). He told me the beautiful blue water is only 2 miles off the beach. He caught the sails at the 10 mile mark.

Joe Pombrio

The roosterfish and jack crevalle action is still holding up well. Joe Pombrio of Seattle fly fished a day with Cheva and I on the panga Dos Hermanos. We had bad luck from the beginning. Going north, up to the Saladita and Ranch areas, the surf was so high we watched the long boarders get some great rides on the 12 foot plus waves. It was really unsafe a couple of times for us, and we couldn’t get in close to the beach to where the roosters were.

As the swells died down we worked our way back to Buena Vista and had high hopes for this excellent rooster spot. We no more than were getting set up and a pod of false killer whales came up the coastline on the backside of the waves. They were there for the roosters and jacks too, but they don’t release their catch.
Note Joe's crease fly. An excellent imitation of a goggle eye

Joe fished two more days, one with Cheva and one with Adolfo. He ended up hooking one rooster and breaking it off, and getting lots of nice jack crevalle.

Ed Kunze
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