viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Z Fish Report (9/2/11)

The main report this week is rain. It is September, and can be considered a normal week for September here on the Costa Grande. This month is when there are very few tourists, our rain season is peaking out with a bang, and captains start pulling their boats out of the water for bottom paint and general maintenance for the upcoming high season.
So far, living near the airport, I have logged over 18 inches of rain this last three days. An ecological tour guide friend of mine (Blue Morph Tours), who lives about 40 miles north of me in Troncones, has recorded even a few inches more.

We have been doing very well on dorado. The boats are getting about 1 sailfish a day each, but between 6 to 8 dorado a day. These are really nice fish of about a 20 pound average. The boats are getting the dorado between the 12 and 14 mile marks. But, again this is normal for this time of the year, when we have a lot of floating debris coming out of the rivers.

However, these are the final days of the hot bite of the roosterfish fishing. Hopefully the rains will stop in early October and will allow the bite to come back on before the 2nd week of October. The September rains create heavy outflows out of the rivers, and not only silt up the inshore water, but the huge outflows of fresh water send the roosters deeper into the water column.

The outflow fresh water sits on top the salt water. Under these conditions, when you are casting on the back side of the waves to the shore line, you will do just as good for roosters if you are casting on windblown waves on Lake Michigan.
A 50 pound rooster being relesed after being
caught below the stained water with a
large slow trolled dead bait
But, there is some hope for conventional gear fishermen fishing for roosters. With the brown silted fresh water sitting on top the salt water, a slow trolled live bait on a diving plane or downrigger can produce excellent results. I have been skunked using a surface popper in the stained water, but we got a nice 50 pound rooster on a large dead bait I rigged with a large chin weight.

Ed Kunze
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