viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Z Fish Report (9/23/11)

We have been experiencing some absolutely incredible fishing for roosters. The fishing is unlike anything I have ever seen before. But, as often happens for a good thing, it may be coming to an end as Hurricane Hilary is just 120 miles to our south. The good news, is the category 4 hurricane has now started on a due west track, taking her away from us. Plus, the hurricane force winds are only out 25 miles from the center, with tropical storm force winds extending out to about 80 miles. It certainly looks like we dodged a bullet.

Hilary is 120 miles south. The dark spot to the north is what gave
 us about 10 inches of rain this last 24 hours, but no wind. 
The blue water has been pushed off the beach a bit to around the 8 mile mark, but the dorado and sailfish action is just as good as last week, which was fantastic.

Adolfo is actually exceeding his incredible performance of last week with the roosterfish. Harley Harmon and Jim Tapley of South Carolina have fish the last two days with Adolfo, and I talked to them on the cell phone as they were heading out again this morning.

So far, they have released 64 roosters from 25 to 50 pounds and another 10 large jack crevalle!

From Central America on up into the Sea of Cortez, where else can that be accomplished? My thoughts are, being they were fishing north and up by Pantla, the only other place it could be accomplished is if they go south, which is what they are doing as I type this.

Ed Kunze
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