viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Z Fish Report (9-12-11)

The blue water is just off the beach, and the game fish have come with the water. Most boats which are not getting sailfish and dorado, are going out to the traditional areas at the 12 to 18 mile marks, and are running right over the fish. The sailfish are mostly being taken at 4 miles, and the dorado in closer than that.

Adan on the Gitana II

Plus, there is excellent small game fishing inshore, with large jack crevalle, sierras, and black skipjack sending a lot of very tired fishermen home early. Most of the captains I talked to said there is “mucho pesca” for both the inshore and offshore.

Flip Himmelreich of Spokane WA held his annual Over the Hill Gang sailfish tournament this last week for its 7th year running. Twelve anglers fished on 6 pangas for a three day total of 14 sailfish and 2 dorado. Flip reported “of the total, 5 anglers caught & released their first ever sailfish on their 1st trip to Zihuatanejo! The winning Captain was Adan on the Gitana II with 600 points (5 sails and 2 dorado), the winning angler was Fred Preston with 300 points (3 sails)”.

Don Grantges of Houston has been doing excellent while shore fishing with spin gear below his condo and near the Las Brisas in Ixtapa. There is tonnage of sardines in the bay, and the game fish are tearing into them in the early morning hours.

Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos says the roosters are far and few between due to cooler water temperatures along the beach. But, he has been making up for it with the large jacks and sierras.
Ed Kunze

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For a decent explaination to the seasons and best fishing for each species here in the Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo area check out this web site.

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