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Z Fish Report (1/12/12)

From the 100 fathom line (about six miles off the beach), the average surface water temperature is about 84°. Inshore temperatures are averaging about 80°. The blue water is meandering in and out of the 100 fathom line.
         Considering we have been in a full moon period, the fishing has really been very good. Plus, the prospects, as we come out of the full moon period this week, are excellent.
Chris Arnold from Australia at sunrise with the first of
5 Sailfish releases last week on the Huntress
Offshore, the super panga Huntress had a very good week. Captain Francisco, fishing 4 days released 3 sailfish at 18 miles straight out of the Bay, and 3 nice yellowfin in the same are the next day. Then, on the third day, at 26 miles and a 240° heading, they released 4 sailfish. Yesterday they got 3 sailfish releases due South at 20 miles.

One of three releases Thursday
Long time visitor John Wlkinson tried to take advantage of the full moon for a possible blue marlin. Fishing with Santiago and Adan on the 2 Gitana pangas he ended up with 3 sailfish and a nice 35 pound dorado.

With respect to the 100 pound rooster featured in last week’s fish report by French angler MISSERI Jean Pierre, he emailed me this additional information about fishing with Adplfo on the panga Dos Hermanos: “I have been fishing Zihuatanejo for 14 years, and 12 of them with Adolfo. On every trip I keep precise records of species caught, inshore and offshore. My wife also fishes with me on every trip.

On the panga Dos Hermanos I have recorded 312 roosters, with 35 equal to, or more than 30 kilos (66 pounds). I only keep my records for memories and a photo. Salt water fishing is my passion, it is not my job. I am the manager of a sporting goods store in France, for selling fresh water fishing equipment.”

Please tell me how you can do that with another captain in any other location? And, over 10% of his fish are 66 pounds or greater.

Because it is not just Adolfo fishing for roosters: There are a whole lot of very good captains here fishing for them also. This just goes to prove, with very little publicity in the past, Zihuatanejo is the top Roosterfish Destination on all the coasts. (Until somebody can prove me wrong)

Ed Kunze  -  IGFA Representative

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For a decent explaination to the seasons and best fishing for each species here in the Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo area check out this web site. http://calendarforfishing.blogspot.com

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