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Z Fish Report (2/23/12)

Chris Lawson of Anchorage got this beautiful sail on the
spin rod also shown in the photo. He was with Cheva on
the panga Dos Hermanos II
The blue water has moved out to about 10 miles, and just beyond the 100 fathom line, and, as cooler water pushes down from the north, the temperature has dropped several degrees this last week. This brings in the marlin and tuna, which prefer the cooler water temperatures, but it also brings in cooler water baitfish like squid. The sailfish action is a bit on the slow side, but all the captains are all saying they see lots of them on the surface, and can’t get them to bite.
Steve Lobodici from Ontario Canada fished with Adan
on the panga Giatana II for this nice dorado

It is for sure the inshore species are eating tonnage of squid, because the sierras we were getting ½ mile of the beach were just loaded with them. It is very possible the sailfish have just changed their feeding patterns and instead of feeding on warm water bait like flying fish, they are feeding on the squid in the cooler water below. After they get their fill, they then come to the surface to warm themselves up.
One of the squid the sierras were discorging
 after being caught

One notable day in the blue water was when Karl Peters took his boat, the Aleta Negra, out with Captain Juan Pablo to look for tuna. Using only artificial lures, they raised 2 striped marlin, a couple of sailfish, a dorado and 1 blue marlin. Karl had one spectacular release by catching a striped marlin on a spin outfit with only 20 pound mono line. They didn’t find any tuna, but Karl reported there were lots of birds.

Karl's striped marlin and the spin rod outfit

Juan Pablo getting the striped marlin for the photo and release
 The inshore action is still holding up well, with lots of smaller jack crevalle, large sierras, chulas, and black skipjack tuna providing action for the light line and fly fishing anglers. Ed Kunze – IGFA Representative




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