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Z fish Report (4/26/12)

The cold water current has pushed out to about the 20 mile mark, with the blue water hugging the 1,000 fathom line and at about 30 miles. The fishing for any offshore species sucks this week, unless you are willing to travel a great distance. The only person I know of who did well this week was Jim Engstrom, of Scottsdale Arizona, and he really had to work for it.

Jim fished two days with Victor Cano and this is what Jim emailed me:

Day 1) Left at 6:30 got back at 9Pm. Went out 72 miles. Tough day...hooked and lost one sail and about 4 pm hooked a 200 + tuna for about 45 minutes. Had several smaller tuna hit the kite but not hooked. Lots of fish (mostly smaller tuna) jumping but if Victor can't get them I give up!

Day 2) No fish till 4PM then got in the tuna. Kept 17 all about 35# (Enough for us to take home). We were way out there and didn't get in until 10PM. Caught 15 of the fish on a bait that you would probably never suspect. Like to tell you what it was but it's Victor's secret.
Sierras pushing up bait from below, birds diving on the bait
from above.
The only other action in town is the near shore fishing for sierras and black skipjack. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, has been working an area in front of Troncones for the last two weeks. He has been racking up some very impressive numbers with the tasty sierras.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

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