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Z Fish Report (4/25/13)

One of two small sailfish caught by Scott and Trisha Lorezo  
The 82 degree offshore blue water has moved out to about 30 miles, with clean water at the 25 mile mark, and stained water from the beach to 25 miles. Scott and Trisha Lucero of Rialto, CA fished the 25 mile areas with Captain Elias on the cruiser Had E Nuff for one day. The released two small sailfish and had a couple of other strikes. But, once you get out to the blue water, the game fish are there. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos fished the same area at the 38 mile mark for two days, accounting for 8 sailfish on the first day and 6 on the second. Fourteen sailfish in two days is darned good fishing, but it is a long run to get to them.
John Lorenz, owner of the Turtle Bay Fishing Lodge in
Puerto Vicente Gurerrero,with client Bob Tabor. The rooster
was caught on a trolled chartreuse diving plug in off
colored water last week. 
The inshore water is averaging a cool 76 degrees, and on out to the 100 fathom line at 5 to 6 miles. The best action seems to be up north around Saladita and the Ranch. Will Anderson of Traverse City, MI fished with Ramon on his open panga from Majahua. They went up to Saladita and the Ranch, casting small 1 oz chrome spoons with light spin outfits. They encountered 4 schools of small dorado, a few jack crevalle, and several schools of black skipjack tuna. They couldn’t get the jacks to bite, but ended up with some nice 5 -10 pound dorado for dinner. (Majahua is just north of Troncones and only a 15 minute boat ride to Saladita and about ½ hour to the Ranch. When the action is up north, the option of using Ramon is more economical and a whole lot less boat ride from the standard conventional panga out of Zihuatanejo.)
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Photo by Trisha Lucero

For a better understanding of our seasons and species of fish here in Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo, please click on the link to my web site and scroll down on the left side bar for “Calendar”… http://www.sportfishing-ixtapa.com/index.html  

I have also made two new informative web pages for people coming here for their first time. The first is for when you go to the municipal pier in Zihuatanejo in the morning to find the boat you will be fishing on:   http://municipalpier.blogspot.mx/2013/02/the-municipal-pier.html

The second is for people who are looking for a place to stay: http://edkunze2.blogspot.mx/2013/02/places-to-stay.html

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