jueves, 25 de julio de 2013

Z Fish Report (7/25/13)


With an average of 86° surface water, from the shoreline to out for miles and miles, the blue water has not changed in the last month and is out about 6 miles, following the 100 fathom curve, with clean water just off the beach.

Offshore, the fishing has slowed as we are in the full moon this week with the boats averaging 1 or 2 sailfish a day each. However, Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II, had a couple of very decent days with 5 sailfish on the first day, and then 3 on the second.

Most of the action is still starting at about 6 miles, and then on out to 14 miles. Several small dorado are also being taken off the weed lines.

The inshore action is still great, especially for roosterfish. The full moon has been making for some high surf on the beaches and strong tides, but the fish are still active. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, has been doing well fishing south near the antennas with 3 or 4 roosters a day and several (up to 10) large jack crevalle each day.

Spin fishing clients Helen Saunders and Yves Laliberté of Toronto, Canada went down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero with Cheva and me for a day of roosterfish fishing. Considering the high surf, we did well, catching 3 roosters from 25 pounds to 40 pounds.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Helen Saunders

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