jueves, 22 de agosto de 2013

Z Fish Report (8/22/13)

 The Offshore conditions and fishing haven’t changed much in the last several weeks The 87° blue water is still hugging the 100 fathom curve at 5 miles. The boats are averaging about 1 to 2 sailfish a day, with an occasional nice dorado thrown in.

It is the summer doldrums for us, with very few fishing clients, and not much to report because of very few boats on the water to really give us a proper sampling of what is really going on out there. We almost have to depend on the commercial pangas and what they are catching.

This reminds me of several years back when I went up the East Cape of Baja to help out Gary Graham of Baja on the Fly as a fly fishing guide. I went up in June and came back to in September, which is the high season for Baja. After arriving in Zihuatanejo, it was obvious to me some sort of contagious disease had hit the captains and deckhands, with all of them thinner than when I left in June. Cali was the hardest hit, having lost at least 20 pounds. I asked him “what happened?” He told me “it was the low season for us, with no clients. With no clients we get no tips. The family gets the wages, but the tips are for beer and good food with the guys when we are done fishing”…So there you go, we are in the middle of another weight loss epidemic. 
One of 10 cookie cutter small roosters Marv Armendinger caught while
tossing Mega Baits and surface poppers on spin gear.
The inshore action has picked up again for roosters and the jack crevalle. I went down to Puerto Vicente this week just to check on the boat and take care of a few things. Abel, my captain, told me “mucho gallos” right now. But, I have no clients either. Maybe I will be in on the weight loss program too.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

“A game fish is too valuable to catch only once” – Lee Wulff made this famous quote in 1939.


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