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Z Fish Report (8/8/13)

Hallie Ray with a nice sailfish with John Lorenz in Vicente Guerrero
Offshore, the 84° blue water is only a half mile off the beach and the sailfish action is still holding up, with 2 to 3 sailfish per boat per day. The biggest problem is the lack of fishing clients, with very few boat days being spent on the water. Early in the week I was at the municipal pier at 5.30 in the morning to get some sandwiches before I headed down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero, and I was the only person there. It was almost spooky. I had to buy my sandwiches from the women selling them at the gas station on the main highway.
Dan Ray and John Lorenz (left)
The inshore action has taken a strange turn, especially for roosterfish. I went down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero with spin fishing client Steve Richardson of Colorado…and got skunked. It was very frustrating for me, because that rarely happens, especially in the middle of the season for roosters. Cheva, one of the best rooster captains in the port, was with us as our deckhand. He couldn’t believe it either. And, we worked our tails off. We only hooked one large rooster, which came unbuttoned a few seconds after being hooked. Such is fishing…¿No?

But, Adolfo also tells me he fished two days this week on the panga Dos Hermanos and they did not get any roosters either. They are getting some jack crevalle, but we are scratching our heads as to where the roosters went. Cheva did shed a bit of light on it and said the commercial fishermen, fishing the reefs in 100 foot of water, are catching roosters. The barometer has been high and steady, eliminating the need for the roosters to go to deeper water to “balance” the pressure. So it must be the bait moved out away from the beaches, and the roosters followed them.

On a bright note, basically once again proving if you can't catch roosters in Puerto Vicente Guerrero, you won't catch them anywhere on this coast; Danny Ray and his wife Hallie of Ada Oklahoma stayed at the John Lorenz’s Casa De Bahia Tortuga fishing lodge, with Danny getting a nice 45 pound rooster on the surface popper.   
Walt Baumann with a huge rooster he got
fishing with Adolfo last week
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 


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