domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013

Z Fish Report (9/22/13)

Sorry for the late report. I generally post the fish report on Thursdays, but with the rain last week we lost the land line phones, cell phones, and the internet. I didn’t get the internet back until Thursday afternoon, and then I was playing the “catch-up” game with my outstanding emails.

Other than dorado on a lot of weed lines, the fishing really went south on us this last week. The majority of the dorado are coming from a 2 mile wide area between 9 and 11 miles off the beach. But, the weeds are thick and make it almost impossible to troll. The best bet is to find a large patch of debris or a tree, and then cast with spin rods, flies, or pitch a live bait.

The inshore is completely blown out from the large amount of fresh water and silt being dumped in by the rivers.

How bad was the rain? We got over 20 inches in 3 days and then kept getting another 2 inches a day for several days. This was the same storm which hit Acapulco hard. On the Bay here in Zihuatanejo, it hit hard late at night and caught a lot of people by surprise. Seven pangas were sunk, and the 38 foot Yellowfin II also. Plus, it even sunk boats in the Marina in Ixtapa.

The road to Petatlan was washed out, so I will not be fishing Puerto Vicente Guerrero for another week or so. It is a vital link to Acapulco, so they are working on it to get things going again. Roads also washed out up by Troncones, and are being worked on.

With no more heavy deluges, things should be back to normal in two weeks.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative


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