jueves, 5 de septiembre de 2013

Z Fish Report (9/5/13)

Lageat and Aurelien Lagarrosse are having a great week
We have had several days of rain again, and almost continuous overcast skies. But, this can be expected in September, our heaviest rain month of the year. We average between 15 and 20 inches during this month. This week we got another 7 inches, and adding that to the 5.5 inches from the week before gives us more rain in two weeks than a lot of the Western States get in a year.

The blue water has come back into the 5 mile mark, but the surface temperature has cooled down from 85° to 82° due to the rains and overcast skies.
Offshore the boats are averaging a solid 2 sailfish a day, with several dorado being taken on a weed line current at the 8 mile mark.

The inshore action is still strong for roosters, and is still a great bet for fishing here. It is just that you don’t have to mind getting a bit wet. There is no wind, so the conditions are safe.  Besides a few jack crevalle and sierras, there are quite a few smaller dorado inshore also.

Two guys, fishing with John Lorenz at Bahia de Tortuga Fishing Lodge in Puerto Vicente Guerrero, had to fish every day, rain or shine. They came here from France to fish roosters. So far Cedric Lageat and Aurelien Lagarrosse have fished 5 days, logging 11 very nice roosters and several jack crevalle.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation - 
Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at roosterfishfoundation@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a Founding Member. Founding Member status will be accepted until the end of December of this year.


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