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Z Fish Report (11/21/13)

Offshore –We are in the full moon period, with fishing for sailfish predictably slower. Most of the boats are averaging 1 or 2 sailfish and a nice sized dorado a day. Plus, a few blue marlin are showing up. Next week will be great.

Fly fishing client Mark Cadmus of Colorado has now fished with Adolfo Jr. and me on the cruiser Bloody Hook, with Captain Chiro, for 5 days here out of Zihuatanejo. For the first three days we averaged 5 to 6 sailfish raised and 2 to 3 sailfish a day hooked with the fly rod, which is very decent fishing. On Wednesday, the water turned a bit off color and dropped 2 degrees, from 86.3° to 84.2°. We only raised 2 sails at the 10 mile mark, and a large dorado about 2 miles off the entrance to Zihuatanejo Bay. Then today (Thursday) Mark hooked a sail early, and a blue marlin of about 300 pounds came to the boat on the live black skipjack we used as a teaser on the diving plane. A marlin over 180 pounds is too big for the fly rod, unless you have another 12 hours to spare. Mark did not make the cast.

Mark with Bloody Hook deckhand (left) and 2nd teaser man Adolfo Jr. (right)
Check out this next sequence of three photos of a sailfish hooked by mark. The first photo has the fly in the mouth and just about to be thrown. The second photo barely shows the pink fly a few feet behind the sail. The last photo shows the sail free jumping and happy again. (For some reason the 3rd photo reminds me of Snoopy on the comic strip when he is happily dancing)

Frank Hernandez from Phoenix, Arizona tagged and released
2 sailfish and landed a 20# dorado while fishing on the
super panga Gitana, with Santigo, for one day. 
 The inshore is doing excellent down south in the Petatlan areas for roosters, and further south at Puerto Vicente Guerrero. But, green water is showing again to the north.

Adolfo took his spin fishing client Kelly Martin, of Bend Oregon, and fishing partner William Clayton down south to the Petatlan area on Thursday (today) and released 12 roosters in the 25 to 40 pound class.
Dave Roberts from British Columbia, fishing with us at
Puerto Vicente
 Mike From British Columbia
Abel with another one of our roosters at Vicente
Mark Dennison, from British Columbia, Canada had a group of friends here this last week. Mark has a bungalow rental on the beach at Playa La Barrita, with probably the best shore fishing on this entire coast right in front of his rental. They all got a few roosters fishing with Adolfo Jr. and I in two pangas down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero.
Mark's Dad, Jim Dennison, with a beach caught jack by Wayne Robbins of
British Columbia

Barracuda under the full Moon:
But, their best fishing may have been here out of Zihuatanejo with Noe (No-ay) on the panga Porpy. They got 15 barracuda night fishing under the nearly full moon, and probably lost as many more.
Wayne on the panga Porpy with Noe, and
 a nice barracuda. They are delicious. 

Noe knows barracuda, and got some more for Gord Roberts, from Saskatchewan. Gord introduced me to Noe and Noe's incredible skills. When I say skills, Noe was working a weed line off the White Rocks with Gord, actually looking for and catching, barracuda in the daytime, which I had never seen before. Plus they got several other species like rainbow runners and dorado.

Barracuda under the full moon: http://edkunze3.blogspot.mx/

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

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