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Z Fish Report (12/19/13)

Sometimes even the booby birds need a rest.
What better place than the back of a turtle?

The 85° blue water is still just a half mile off the beach, but the fishing for all species slowed down due to the full moon period this week.

Offshore – From a 3 to 4 sailfish per day per boat last week we have dropped to a 1 or 2 sails per day this week. We are still getting the same ratio of dorado as last week, but with less sails caught, there have also been less dorado. However, that is this week and as we come out of the full moon period, and new fish move into the area, we will soon start our three best weeks of the year for sailfish.

During the dark of the moon period this last November we were getting 3-4 sails a day, and also this December. I really think the average will go even higher in the next three weeks.

Santiago, on the super panga Gitana had an up and down week with  Ben Jones and Cole Storm of Nevada tagging and releasing only 4 sailfish in three days, and Bruce Plante with only a dorado for one day. But, then he got a bit lucky and managed to tag and release 5 sailfish and land a 30 pound dorado in one day with Don Neufeld, Don’s sister and her husband Ron from Canada.
Ben Jones / with Adan 

Adan and Bruce Plante
Adan and Don Neufeld
The inshore was also affected by the full moon. We saw some of the highest surf we have seen in months, affecting our ability to get in close to the beach to get the numerous breaking jack crevalle. The sierra action even slowed, because it appeared they we eating a very small bait and would only occasionally strike at the trusted Mega Baits we toss at them.  
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)
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