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Z Fish Report (1/23/14)

Photo by Santiago on the super panga Gitana
With the full moon this last week, the blue water moved out a few miles and the surf was high along the beaches. But, the 84° blue water is back to the 5 mile mark, and basically following the 100 fathom line, and the surf has calmed down.
1 of 6 Joel Barbehenn of Maryland got in one day on the super panga
Gitana, with Adan holding (right) Note the tag.
Offshore – Over the weekend the full moon did slow the fishing down considerably for a couple of days, but by Monday it was rebounding nicely. We are averaging about 3 caught sailfish a boat now, with about 6 raised to the spread.
Troy and Jenifer Dudei of Minn, with Mark shown, with 1 of 3 sailfish tagged
 and released on the super panga Gitana 
From Charlie and Karen Tufts of Gray, Maine while fishing on the Blue Bayou with Rene on Monday:Pretty much the most epic day on the water for us in Mexico or anywhere else for that matter. We caught 4 sailfish and 2 dorado. One dorado was a massive bull and the other his mate, that will be delightful for dinner tonight. Thanks for hooking us up with Rene, great captain. His mate Raul was totally tireless and really had to hustle to keep things straight. The dorado was a double hookup, so that made things very entertaining for a half hour.” 
Rick from Seattle on the super panga Gitana
Martin, on the panga Spuma, raised 6 and caught 4 sailfish with his client Larry Wright of Canada on Monday. They were back at the dock by 11:00.Ron Marblestone of Redwood City, CA fished with him the next day (Wednesday) for 6 raised sailfish and 4 caught.

Santiago, on the super panga Gitana, besides the clients in the photos, also tagged and released 4 sailfish with Howard Asher from California.

Chiro, on the cruiser Bloody Hook is doing his thing still, and doing it very well. On Tuesday he tagged and released 6 sailfish and on Wednesday he got 5 sailfish and 3 nice sized dorado for his clients.  

And the fishing is getting better every day. On Thursday, Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II, released 9 sailfish for his two French clients.
Photo by Santiago
The inshore action was also poor over the weekend, and rebounded. Here is what a client said of Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II on Monday, the 20th: “We did fantastic. I didn´t even count the number of Jack crevalle we caught. Too many, and too busy to count. We had three or four on at a time on a couple occasions. We also caught some black skipjack, a sierra and a rainbow runner. Cheva almost wore us out but we hung in there. It was definitely a first rate charter. I can´t wait to get back here. I have a couple of pictures that I´ll send later but to be honest, we were too busy catching fish to take pictures”.                 Dan & Deb Nell

 Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, went up north to the Ranch and found roosters again with Wade Williams of North Dakota. Adolfo was so excited he called me on his cell phone on their way back. They got roosters of 75 pounds, a 50 and a 40….Incredible! They also got 5 jack crevalle in the 15 to 20 pound range and “lots” of sierras. He went back the next day with Randy and Jeff Visser of Wisconsin for another almost 70 pound class rooster, and a 50. They also got eight 15 to 20 pound jack crevalle. Randy and Jeff also fished offshore with Adolfo for 5 sailfish releases.

Also, boats are doing excellent on jack crevalle and dorado about a mile out in front of the White Rocks.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)
We now have PayPal for the Roosterfish Foundation!

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation (roosterfish.org)

Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at roosterfishfoundation@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a member. 

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