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Z Fish Report (1/9/14)

Amended Report (1/12/14) – On Thursday, while I was writing the below report, the sailfish fishing exploded, and has held up through today (Sunday). It started off by Santiago telling me Friday morning on the pier that his brother Adan, on the panga Gitana, had released 5 sailfish the day before, and another had panga 4 releases. Then on Saturday afternoon I called Chiro on the cruiser Bloody Hook. He told me the fishing has just taken off. On Friday Chiro released 8 sailfish and 2 dorado. Then Saturday, they caught 4 sailfish, and a huge 35 pound bull dorado. Plus they tagged and released an estimated 350 pound blue marlin. He told me they were at 15 miles and it took two hours to fight the marlin for the release. While they were fighting the marlin, he counted an additional 20 sailfish either jumping or free swinging all around the boat.     
A striped marlin taken by Wayne Hetland on a light action spin rod
Photo by Brian Hetland
Up and down the entire coast, the 86° blue water is essentially on the beach. The fishing slowed somewhat this week, but as always a captain or two will find the concentrations of fish, and do very well.
Sailfish photo by Brian Hetland from when they fished this week
on the panga Llmarada
Offshore – We are averaging 1 to 2 sailfish a day per boat, and raising 4 to 5 into the spread. The dorado are still showing with a nice 15 to 20 pound dorado or two per boat per day also. A couple of blue marlin were brought to the boat, as well as a couple of striped marlin this week.

Johnathan Nuedorf of Alberta showing his son Johnathan how it is done
Some notable catches this week were made by Jeff Witt and family (Oakland, CA) fishing with Chiro on the cruiser Bloody Hook with 5 sailfish (this was their 2nd time fishing, and had caught 4 the previous week with Chiro). Plus, Chiro also fished an additional 2 more days with another client this week and released 10 more sailfish, for a total of 15 sails for 3 days of fishing this week.
And the joint effort paid off with this huge sailfish taken on the Orion 
Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos fished offshore 1 day and recorded 2 sailfish and 5 nice dorado for his French client.
The striped marlin again
And the sailfish again
The inshore action is doing well for those who prefer the light line by trolling a Rapala, or when schools of breaking fish are seen, by tossing a Mega Bait with the spin rod. This method is yielding black skipjack, sierras, and small jack crevalle. All of the fish are in the 3 to 5 pound class.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)
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Launching the Roosterfish Foundation (roosterfish.org)

Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at roosterfishfoundation@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a member. 


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