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Z Fish Report (3/27/14)

Wade and Adolfo with Wade's fly caught rooster
The blue water has moved out to the 1,000 fathom line at 30 miles, and from there on out the surface water temperature is about 82°. Inside the 1,000 fathom line the temperature is about 80°. Inside the 100 fathom line (5 to 6 miles) to the beach the average is about 79°. (Information provided by Terrafin Satellite photos)

Our annual April cold and green water current is now here: (see the Calendar For Fishing article)

Offshore – The sailfish and dorado fishing still sucks offshore, but the commercial pangas are going out to about 40 miles and are doing very well on yellowfin tuna, and a few blue marlin. (And yes, if a commercial pangero catches a marlin or sailfish, it will be killed and sold).

Looking at the tuna on the beach this morning (on Playa Principal where the commercial fleet sells their daily catch) the tuna were about 30 to 80 pounds, with a 40 pound average. However, a few 150 pound yellowfin were also brought in.

Unfortunately, with spring break and young kids in tow, we have few serious fishermen here to sample the tuna action and go the distance to find them.

The inshore is once again our most reliable fishery right now. It is the best action for those who prefer the fly rod, light line trolling, and spin gear casting. There has been sierras, an abundance of black skipjack tuna (almost identical to the false albacore of the East Coast), and a few large jack crevalle this week.
Sherri and Adolfo
Even with the slow fishing, it is amazing how some captains make their own luck. Canadian Wade Brillion (Rooster Foundation Founding Member 007), and his wife Sherri, fished on Wednesday with Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos. It wasn’t luck that Adolfo found an area up near Troncones with slightly warmer and clearer water. Adolfo knows this coast and has a lot of years of experience. I met with all of them on the pier before they headed out, and told Adolfo and Wade I needed photos, and we got them. Here is what Wade emailed me:

Not bad for the first day of fishing. Needed all of the Winston 10 wt to bring the rooster in. A Pacific in-shore slam today with a smaller dorado of say 9lbs, a skipjack of 6lbs, and the 25 + rooster.

The amazing thing about Wade’s fly caught rooster, other than they aren’t supposed to be here, is he had a sierra on first, and got it near the boat. Then a school of about 20 large roosters moved in on the sardines under the boat. A rooster came up, trying to eat the sierra Wade was fighting, knocking it off the fly and getting hooked himself. And then Sherri got another (larger) rooster on a surface popper from the spin rod. Yes, the events were lucky, but Adolfo had put them in the right place at the right time.
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)  
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