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Z Fish Report (3/6/14)

Mark Herr of MN did manage one sailfish release while fishing
with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II 
With the blue water still out about 15 miles, the surface temperature has warmed up a bit to about an average of 81°. But, there could be a cold water current a ways below the surface and preceding the the cold water front by a couple of hundred miles.
Fishing with Cheva, Denise and Tim Moran of Portland, OR
we saw several schools of mackerel busting on bait
Offshore – We are still having very slow fishing for sailfish and dorado.
Ernie (shown) and Dick Terry of Troncones, fished with Santiago on the
Gitana for 4 nice sierras and 3 pampano  
Dick Terry with a nice pampano
The inshore – is once again our most reliable fishery right now. Even Santiago, one of the world’s foremost captains for tagging and releasing sailfish, has taken to fishing the inshore water with his super panga Gitana. And, he is doing well.
Denise with her jack crevalle and Cheva
Adolfo and Cheva on the two Dos Hermanos pangas are also fishing almost entirely inshore. And sometimes they score big, with other days being tough to even scratch up a fish. The conditions are changing daily. 
Adolfo with a huge pargo taken with a
surface popper off a rocky point

One notable thing has happened in this last couple of weeks is there is now a Dos Hermanos III available. Adolfo’s deckhand of many years, Jesus (Hay-sooz) is the captain, with Adolfo Jr. now being his dad’s deckhand.  

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

We now have PayPal for the Roosterfish Foundation!

Launching the Roosterfish Foundation (roosterfish.org)

Shown above is the logo for the wallet sized laminated card for membership in the Roosterfish Foundation. Please contact me at roosterfishfoundation@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a member. 


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