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Z Fish Report (4/17/14)

Update: We have just been hit by a 7.5 earthquake. It is too early to assess any damage outside of our neighborhood, but we have none. We have electricity, phone, and internet. We are also getting a few mild, but sharp, after shocks.  But, you can count on the fishing going south for the next few days. The real bummer is the last small quake which hit us this last year affected the roosterfish so bad, they didn't return for a month. But, that was near the end of the season and we are just starting the season now. We should be fine with all species in about a week.
Jim Shelton and Adolfo
The 84 degree blue water has yet to define itself very clearly, but after this full moon period I would expect it to shape up quite well. Right now, it is kind of like scrambled eggs out there.
Terrafin Satellite photo showing the blue water trying define itself
Offshore – While talking to the captains on the pier this morning, they have been raising 3 to 4 sailfish a day in the spread, but all over the place. Some are at 12 miles, others at 18 and another at 25. Chiro, on the Bloody Hook seems to be dialed in as well as anybody, averaging a couple of released fish a day and raising 3 to 4 a day. He is fishing an area in front of the Morrows and out about 13 miles.

The tuna pangeros are doing well on yellowfin tuna averaging about 30 pounds out at the 40 mile mark. But, they also told me there is a huge area of bigger fish out at 60 miles.  
Dave Radosta with his rooster while fishing with Adolfo
The inshore action is still the best bet, especially for light line trolling, spin casting and the fly rod. There are lots of sierras and chulas a few hundred yards off the beach with a few large jack crevalle and roosterfish close in.

Dave Radosta of Iron Mountain MI and fishing partner Jim Shelton of CA spent a day with Adolfo inshore on the panga Dos Hermanos. They did well with sierras, black skipjack, a couple of large roosters released, and 5 more roosters either lost or missed strikes.
The super panga Gitana got a rooster for Richard Erhart, with Adan holding
Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative) 
Cheva tailing Dave Radosta's rooster and showing the correct way.
Note the left hand has the leader tight, keeping the head  up.
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Launching the Roosterfish Foundation (roosterfish.org)

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