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Z Fish Report (11/6/14)

John Martinis with a nice 28 pound tagged and released rooster 
Update on the pier: This morning we had a free and clear walkway to get to the boats out on the pier, and we all embarked from there. This afternoon it was all closed off again, but not realized until after you were offloaded. The clients had to do a balancing act to get around the barricades. Not good.
How come the two small piers down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero are being
completely reconstructed, yet have no tourism? It is great for me, because
I am about the only one fishing there with tourists. But, tourism is huge in
Zihuatanejo, and nothing is being done.....??? 
The full moon put a brake on the offshore action this week. It was tough to just scratch out a hooked sailfish or dorado. The blue water is less than 10 minutes out and the overall area has an average of about an 85° surface temperature.
All up and down the coast the bacote trees are blooming, dotting all the
hillsides in white. This photo is above Puerto Vicente Guerrero
Today, Thursday, I fished with fly fishing client Mark Cadmus of Colorado on the cruiser Bloody Hook. It was tough. We went out to about the 25 mile mark and had a large dorado come to the teasers, ate the bait, and took off. Then we got radio reports of fish at 9 miles from the port. We simply left too early and over-ran the fish before the bite was on. On the way back, 5 miles from the port, we got another strike and had a sailfish come to about 30 feet from the boat. He disappeared about the same time the fly hit the water at 20 feet.

The inshore is about the same as last week…a hit or miss. The roosters are still scarce, and mostly due to the stained water along the coast. We did make a trip down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero with John Martinis of the Seattle area and scored on a nice rooster….but that was all we got. Tough fishing.

On the same day Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos, got into the dorado down near Barra Potosi, and caught a bunch.

Ed Kunze                                                                          

                               (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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