jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Z Fish Report (9/17/15)

Photos posted on Adolfo's Facebook page this week

The blue water is still in close, and has cooled down a bit to an average of about 85 to 87 degrees.

Offshore – There are still no dorado, as we have had very little rain to push the debris out of the rivers. The sailfish action has slowed again, and few are being caught. But then, there are very few anglers here, so not many boats are on the water. The commercial fishermen have come up with a surprise. Yesterday (Wednesday) they took 3 blue marlin. The marlin were caught at the 12-13 mile mark, and are basically here due to the abundance of small black skipjack tuna (candy bait for them).
Exactly as the last few weeks, the Inshore is again the best bet. There are sierra, black skipjack tuna, jack crevalle, and ROOSTERS. The fact the sierras are still here (a cooler water species) tells you of the abundance of bait available.
Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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