jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Z Fish Report (10/22/15)

1 hour and 5 minutes on a spin rod with 35 pound test braid line
The biggest news this week, other than Jean Claude Norbert catching a roosterfish which was approaching the hundred pound mark, is Patricia, a category 4 hurricane. She is right out in front of us, but heading up the coast. I do not expect any wind, but a lot of rain can fall on us this next 24 hours as the tail swings around. I have my “rain gauge” up on the Suburban to see how much we will get out of it. It is a 5 gallon straight sided bucket. 

I will never forget emptying my 6” Southern California rain gauge 17 years ago as it overfilled twice in 6 hours. It went into the trash the second time it overfilled. My bucket hasn’t failed me yet.

 Offshore – Two sailfish and a shot at a blue marlin are the average here per boat, per day. All marlin are being taken on a slow trolled black skipjack, from 3 to 8 miles off the beach.

The Inshore is still the best bet, and Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos has been proving it all this week with Jean Claude Norbert from France. They have been having incredible fishing for jack crevalle, sierras, and roosters.  
Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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