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Z Fish Report (11/5/15)

Keith Paul with a well earned rooster
The blue water current has almost pushed itself back to the beach, with surface temperatures averaging about 85° from the beach on out to 70 miles.
Offshore – The offshore is slow, with only a sailfish a day average, but there are still a few blue marlin around. No dorado yet.
A 40 minute fight on spin gear
Inshore is still the best bet. Keith Paul of Minn. vacations here a couple of times every year, but spends only a few days on the water. It is no wonder. He is too exhausted from the incredible experiences and fighting fish to fish another day. He always fishes with the Dos Hermanos fleet with Adolfo, Adolfo Jr, Cheva, or Jesus (Hay-suz). Like this Wednesday, a normal day on the water for Keith could be a trip of a lifetime for any other decent angler. 

Keith told me he, Adolfo and Jesus went south and never even started casting until they reached the antennas. After scoring several large jack crevalle, of which one was a 40 minute fight, they finally located the roosters. The found the roosters by a big shark chasing the surface skipping Ranger lure back to the boat. Talking to Adolfo this morning on the pier, he said he was sitting on the transom holding the tiller, and had a good low angle on the two large fish following the shark, which were also after the Ranger. He saw they were roosters, and HUGE, having no fear of the bigger shark.

Adolfo pitched a live bait and handed the rod to Keith. Jesus, up on top the panga roof, yelled out "one of the two sharks behind the big shark just ate the bait", and Keith closed the bail. Jesus was up high, looking almost straight down at the camouflaged backs, and was deceived by the size of the roosters. Keith fought the 100 pound plus rooster for a while and the hook pulled. Then they went through the Chinese Fire Drill 4 more times until Keith scored on a medium sized rooster.
Keith said it was almost a good thing the big rooster got off. He would have hated to let the shark get to it, and it is for sure that would have eventually happened.  
Ed Kunze (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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