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Z Fish Report (12/3/15)

The sunset Gord Roberts had when he headed out for an evening of barracuda
fishing with Noe on the panga Porpy.
The 84° blue water is still on the beach, and when I was talking to Noe on the pier this morning (Thursday), he summed it up by saying “Buena pesca” (good fishing right now).  
Offshore – Like last week, the sailfish are doing well with 5-6 raised fish per boat, and many boats hooking 2-3 fish a day. The dorado action is still picking up, even better than last week, with several being taken no more than 4 miles off the beach. Noe told me he got three 25-30 pound dorado, several large jack crevalle, and two sailfish yesterday at the white rocks.
Kosho Wantanabe fished with Cheva on the panga nDos Hermanos II
They got two sailfish and the nice dorado in the photo below. 

The full moon Gord was under while fishing for barracuda
The Full Moon was late last week, and Gord Roberts of Canada fished one evening with Noe on the panga Porpy. This is what Gord emailed me: “Noe and I went out for barracuda at 5:30 Thursday evening and got back in around 12:30. We had 8 hits and got 5 in the boat. The barracuda did not start to hit until 10 o'clock when the water and the breeze warmed a bit. They were not hitting hard and you had to be attentive to the rod tip to set the hook”.
Our barracuda are excellent eating
The Inshore action is still strong for large jack crevalle, roosters and sierras.
One of three jacks taken by Kosho  and his partner fishing with Cheva
Mark Denison of Kamloops B.C emailed me he got caught kicking back a little too long at his beach house at La Barrita: “Teaches me not to have rods ready for the morning. At about 9:00 I was slurping coffee and watching the waves. A couple large roosters (much larger than the jack crevalle get) were scouring the back of the waves.  Every five minutes or so they returned.  I gathered gear, changed lures, etc ...much too slow. By the time I was on the sand, they had disappeared. My lucks going to change soon I hope.  I have seen more roosters the last two weeks than ever before”.
 Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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