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Z Fish Report (1/7/16)

Renee with her nice rooster
After an anomaly of dirty water early this week, the blue water is on the beach again. The 85° surface temperature is all up and down the coast and out beyond the 70 mile mark.
Offshore.. Two to three sailfish a day is the average, with most of the action in closer than 6 miles. The boats are actually over-running the fish when they move out to the 10 to 15 mile marks.

After he fished last week, Joel Justinger of Calgary emailed me this: Had a blast!!  Fishing was good. First day was in shore. Abby and Noah were with Jesus (Dos Hermanos III) and Renee and I with Arturo (Janeth). Kids landed 11 Jacks and lost 3 other fish( for some reason my son thought it would be “fun” to fish with the lightweight gear we brought down, so they broke one of the rods in half and the rest just snapped off)  Renee and I only landed one fish but it was a real nice rooster. Renee was thrilled…..that was the only fish she really wanted to catch. 2nd day off shore kids with Jesus again. They landed 3 sails and lost 2 other fish. We landed 2 sails and a YF tuna. Abby is pictured with her sail and Renee is with her fish ( big fish)  Adolfo sent us back to the resort with some tuna which they made Sushi for us….stuff was money!
Abby's big sail
Joel and Renee

The Inshore action for roosters and jack crevalle took a serious hit this week. The inshore water turned an ugly yellow in color and shut the strong bite off. However, the strong blue water current had the blue water on the beach by Wednesday again. But, the damage was done. Either it was a sun/chlorophyll/red tide type of affect, or something else. I am not sure what it was, but the bait and the fish sure haven’t been here this last couple of days.
Maria said she just wanted to take photos..
Looks like beer, fishing, and having fun were the real plans.
On the Dos Hermanos pangas, neither Adolfo nor Cheva got anything other than black skipjacks today (Thursday) and they had pounded the beaches hard. Cheva went way south to La Barrita, and Adolfo went north.
Bruce with a dorado on live bait while fishing with Noe. 

Tim, with the largest dorado that day fishing with Noe.
However Noe, on the panga Porpy, has been having some decent fishing all week. He has been working the area in front of the White Rocks with live bait he nets in the morning in Zihuatanejo Bay. This is the middle ground, and neither inshore or offshore. He is getting sierras, sailfish, jack crevalle, and a few dorado.
Ryan, with Noe in the background. A nice sierra.
Here is what one of his clients emailed me. They fished on Monday, when all the other inshore fishermen were looking for a bit of clean water (and not getting any fish). Another successful fishing excursion. We caught an assortment of dorado, sierra, jack crevalle and bonito. In our group was Bruce Oines (AZ), Tim Leonard (MN), Ryan Hase (CA), and Maria Lopez (CA). The Dorado Don Award goes to Tim! Again this year we stopped by Lety's, who prepared our catch for dinner.”
Ed Kunze                                                                         

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)


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  1. The inshore action is not showing the large numbers of roosterfish we usually expect in June.
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