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Z Fish Report (11/30/17)

Adolfo (left) fished 6 days straight with his French clients,
 on the panga Dos Hermanos, taking an assortment of  roosters,
jack crevalle,  pampano, black skipjacks, etc.
Offshore (average) surface water temperature - Includes from the 5-6 mile mark at the 100 fathom line, then to the 1,000 fathom line being at 32 miles: 84°.
Inshore (average) surface temperature. From the beach to about 5 miles: 84°
Blue water: (Chlorophyll amounts and surface temps from Terrafin SST) Basically the same as last week. With the exception of fresh water releases from the Rio Balsas, up at Lazaro Cardenas, the blue water is basically on the beach. This is great for the offshore fishing, but makes it tough for catching roosters on the back side of the waves.
A couple of the very tasty Pampano on the panga Dos Hermanos

Offshore: After the small earthquakes of last week, the fishing picked up again this week. And we are getting quite a variety, never knowing what is going to come into the trolling line spread. The boats are each averaging 4 strikes a day on sailfish, with many boats releasing 3 a day.
Ron Hubbard (left) with Armando (right), on the panga 3 Hermanos
The fleet is averaging about 20 boats a day, with an average of 4 blue marlin day being taken by the fleet.  And, we are getting dorado and even some yellowfin tuna. The majority of the fish are being taken from the 14 to 16 mile marks, with the marlin and tuna being predominately out in front of Ixtapa Island, and sailfish in front of the White Rocks.  
Norm Cook with one of four dorado taken
on the panga 3 Hermanos with Armando
From Colorado, Ron and Sonia Hubbard along with Norm and Sherry Cook, fished with Armando and Salvador on the panga Tres Hermanos. They fished for 5 days, catching 4 dorado, 4 sailfish, and 2 blue marlin.

Inshore: The water along the beaches is very warm, and very clear. Warm is good, clear is bad. There are lots of small to mid-sized roosters all up and down the coast, and even small to medium dorado at the white rocks. Jack crevalle have been abundant down in the Petatlan area.
Ed Kunze                                                                            

 (Director of the Roosterfish Foundation, IGFA Representative)

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