jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2020

Z Fish Report (9/17/20)

 This is my first report for fishing in several months. I have often stated I am not a promoter. I only tell it like is. If the fishing sucks, I tell the reality. If it is good, I really like to help the captains here and get their client’s photos on the report.

However, it is difficult to publish a fish report when there are no clients. To the best of my knowledge, the only two captains who have had clients are Adolfo and Cheva from the pangas Dos Hermanos. This is mostly because they have an excellent reputation of being the absolute best for the inshore roosters and partially from their reputation in France, where they get many clients.

Good captains like Temo, Santiago, Adan, and Noe have had zero clients. They do go out fishing for a few fish for the family, however even that has to come to a stop because dinner for the family does not give them gas money to go out again.

Water Temperature – About 87°

Blue Water – Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos is the only one I know who has fished the blue water. He has a client from France fishing for 14 days out of his 18 day stay. The client leaves next Wednesday.

Only fishing 3 days in the blue water, they logged a 225 pound blue marlin, six sailfish, and a fifty-five pound dorado. I know the dorado weight is correct because Cheva brought a huge fillet to our house. I had to cut the 3 inch thick fillet in half and ended up with several meals for my wife and me.

Inshore – The rains have blown out the sandbars on the rivers, and finding clean water has been the trick to good action.

Adolfo has been making the long runs to Puerto Vicente Guerrero for larger roosterfish. He has been fishing about three days a week, with some great days on the water.

Cheva has been fishing closer in. He is running the beach from Playa Larga to Barra Potosi. His 85 roosters for the French client makes for a serious statement. Today (Thursday) they got 8 roosters from 13 to 35 pounds.

Ed Kunze

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