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Z Fish Report (8/12/11)

The skies have been clear most of this week, pushing the average water surface temperature back up to about 87 degrees. And, with the blue water just off the beach, we have made to order sailfish and dorado conditions. Even though the main sailfish migration is in the winter, we are still doing well. Each boat is averaging about 2 sailfish a day, plus the added bonus of dorado. The yellowfin tuna action is spotty, as they breeze in and out of the area.
Mike Shear

The roosterfish and large jack crevalle action is still the best bet. I recommend this to all clients and inquiries, because we are having an unbelievable run unlike we have seen for years. A 5 to 7 fish day is average when the fish are large, and 10 to 12 fish day when they are averaging between 15 and 30 pounds. Almost all the action is taking place south of Zihuatanejo Bay, from Playa Larga to on down to past the antennas.
Looking for roosters on the back side of the waves.
I took this photo early this week of Adolfo on Playa
 Blanca with clients from Texas. They got 8 roosters.

Lesley Shear and her husband Mike from Portland Oregon fished with Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos on Tuesday, and did so well they called it quits and headed back to the dock at 10:00. Catching 10 roosterfish and several large jack crevalle will do that to you.

Fly fisherman Bob Clements of Seattle had several shots at the roosters, but he also had a couple of things going against him when he fished with Adolfo. The first was the waves were rather large on the day he fished, so the panga could not safely get close to where the majority of the roosters were actively feeding. The other is fly fishing for roosters on the back side of the waves is unlike anything most people have ever experienced, especially when they are used to a small rod on streams and small rivers. It usually takes a full educational day to get dialed in, with success coming on the second day. But, when you do succeed, how sweet it is.

Mike Shear and Adolfo with a nice jack

Ed Kunze
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Santiago and a very nice walleye. Santiago, of the super panga Gitana fame, is visiting Len Grupp of Fort Frances, Ontario this week. All captains here think Northern clients are liars, because nobody can live in a area that is colder than the inside of a freezer. As proof of this, note how well dressed Santiago is on a nice warm summer day in Ontario.
  For a decent explaination to the seasons and best fishing for each species here in the Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo area check out this web site.

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