viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Z Fish Report (10/21/11)

Since Hurricane Jova passed by us last week, the 82° blue water has been out at the 20 mile mark, but in just this last couple of days it has come back in to about 10 miles. However, the inshore waters are just starting to clean up, and you have to travel a bit to find clean water if you want to fish for roosters. The inshore should all be cleaned up by early this next week.

Alan and Francisco with one of their three sailfish
 Early in the week, Alan and Sandi from California had a great day with Capt. Francisco on the Huntress II about 20 miles SW of Zihuatanejo releasing three sailfish and boating one dorado about 20 lbs on the edge of the blue water. All action occurred before noon and the party was back at the pier before 2.

Sandi with another

Today (Friday) fly fishing client Jim Coutre of Boston fished with Cheva at the helm of the panga Dos Hermanos, Adolfo Jr. the deckhand, and me as the guide. We had to search for the clean water, but when we found it, it was almost a rooster teased to the boat on ever cast. Granted, the roosters were small, but they are still beautiful, and a lot of fun on the fly rod.

Ed Kunze

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For a decent explaination to the seasons and best fishing for each species here in the Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo area check out this web site.

Jim with a small rooster

A frigate bird got wrapped in the teaser line while fishing with Jim
Cheva carefully unwrapped it and, because they cannot
 land on water or they will die, we waited for it to dry off.
Their 6 foot wing span, and having no oils to prevent the
 feathers from getting soaked is the problem.
He dried off, and then flew off just fine.

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