jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Z Fish Report (10/27/11)

The blue water is still way out there. It has moved back out to about the 22 mile mark.
All around fishing is not good. We are experiencing 84 degree water up and down the coast, including the inshore, but we are being hammered by dirty water on the inshore, and the blue water being out beyond the normal day for a panga or cruiser to make a decent run to the fishing grounds, and spend time to fish.

About the only action from Zihuatanejo is the dorado bite at about 6 miles…but it is scattered. A perfect example was when the Huntress II went out with Captain Francisco and got two dorado, with one about 22 pounds, in the weed line about 10 miles out. They then went out to the 18 mile mark, and did not have a strike with a billfish.

Jose Pino told me the dorado action is very good down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero, with all of the action being at the 3 mile mark.

How can you tell a captain like Cheva the T-shirt given to him
 is for the champion cheer leading and dancing  finals? 

To the north of Zihuatanejo, and up near Union and Saladitas , there are lots of large sierras being taken on slow trolled Rapalas. A few roosters are also being taken on spin reels cast to the waves with a surface popper. But, the rooster bite is still off, and depends on finding clear water.

Ed Kunze

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