lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Z Fish Report (11/7/11)

The 82-84° surface water temperatures are ranging all up and down the coast, and out for at least 60 miles. With the blue water only a mile or so off the beach, the sailfish and blue water fishing should be a lot better than it is. But, it is slow. We are on the verge of our huge winter migration of sailfish, and with all the conditions right, things should be turning around soon.
John Darling and Francisco on the panga Huntress II

Referring to the SST Chlorophyll chart, it is easy to see why Francisco took his client John Darling of Washington State 30 miles south to catch a couple of huge dorado. The green water plume to the north is caused from the huge releases of impounded water behind the dam on the Rio Balsas. It is Mexico’s largest river.

Plus, you will note that even though the blue water is just off the beach, it ius still not quite clean enough for the rooster bite to pick back up. This also should happen shortly.

Ed Kunze
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