jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Z Fish Report (3/15/12)

The 80 degree water is just off the beach all up and down the coast, with a large area of 86 degree water at 26 miles south on a 180 degree heading. This is a massive area extending way pat Acapulco.

Coming out of the full moon period, the fishing is picking up. This last week averaged 1 to 2 sailfish a day for each boat, and a few dorado were taken by several boats in the fleet. The most action has been coming from the large skipjack tuna which have moved into the area, and are only a couple of miles off the beach. Called oceanicos by the locals, the captains have been targeting the 18 to 20 pound fish on light gear for a fun day on the water.
Francisco, on the super panga Huntress went looking for yellowfin tuna clear out to the 39 mile mark on a southerly heading. They didn’t find the tuna, but Michael Stelma and Kari from Seattle each caught a sailfish and released them. They also raised 3 other sails.

Adan, on the panga Gitana II got 4 sailfish in 3 days of fishing, then fished the inshore, catching lot of jack crevalle off the beaches, and then getting a lot of skipjack.
Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II has been doing the same, and wore out client John Lawrence yesterday on spin gear with all of the jacks and skipjacks. Today, Cheva took the Wade Larson family for a half day of inshore fishing and skipjacks, and then to Ixtapa Island to cook up the fresh fish and enjoy some snorkeling.

Ed Kunze
PS: No photos this week because my computer caught a cold, and is in the shop. I am on my wife’s laptop right now…and it is giving me fits. My computer and key board are Mexican, but in English. Her lap is American, and in Spanish…go figure.  


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