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Z Fish Report (3/8/12)

Jay Wollenburg fished with Santiago on the super panga
Gitana releasing this nice sail. Note the tag for the release.
Throughout the area the water really warmed up this week to a minimum of 82 degrees surface temperature, which is great for sailfish and dorado offshore and roosterfish inshore. However, the blue water has been pushed out to the 1,000 fathom line, and approximately 30 miles. The boat that are getting fish, are doing so by going out beyond the 1,000 fathom line.
Francisco on the super panga Huntress releasing
one of his several sails this week

Francisco on the super panga Huntress found fish this last weekend, and by midweek, was scratching to find anything. The first day he released 1 marlin and two sailfish, then he released 3 sailfish. The third day they tried for yellowfin tuna and found them late in the day at 60 miles and a 180 degree heading on the cold side of the temperature break, under the porpoise. They boated a 40 pound fish and a 65 pound fish, and then had to head back.

A nice 40 pound class yellowfin with Francisco

Yesterday, fishing with Keith Paul of Minn., they could only get a dorado. I have to admire Keith’s attitude about fishing. He was running the boat while Francisco was setting out rods and doing bait changes. The midsized dorado came up and Francisco set the hook. Francisco yelled out for Keith to take the rod that he had a fish on. Keith responded with “Naw, I am too busy running this boat, you set the hook, and so you reel it in.”

Like the Huntress, most boats were scratching to find offshore fish by midweek. This is probably due to the full moon this week.
Bryan DeLaHunt had read my book and knew the captain
(Jose-Pino) I use at Puerto Vicente Guerrero has lots of
grand children. He brought down and distributed much
appreciated school school supplies to them.  
On Monday I fished the inshore with Bryan DeLaHunt and his 16 year old son Bill. On the drive down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero Bill asked me if there was a chance to get a rooster that day. I replied “No, we may see one, but that is about it. March is a very poor time of the year for roosters. We will be targeting jack crevalle, sierras, and a few black skipjack tuna.”
Jose-pino with Bill's 1st ever rooster

We caught 10 roosters, 2 small jacks, and 2 large sierras…Go figure! They wern't big, but they were a lot of fun. We had a great day on the water.

Bryan actually caught more roosters than Bill, but they
were a bit smaller

Also, Adolfo on the panga Dos Hermanos got 4 roosters that day up near Pantla (a short run from Zihuatanejo). Thank you 80 degree water.
Ed Kunze
A "thumbs up" to a great day

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