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Z Fish Report (7/12/12)

The 85° blue water is on the beach. But, the blue water fishery is still completely shut down. There are no sailfish or dorado or marlin. Unless there is another outside influencing factor, the conditions are just too perfect to yield poor fishing.

I was on the Municipal Pier Tuesday morning just before 6 AM. It was like a ghost town.

With his clients on Tuesday, Cheva again struck out in the blue water, and does not want any more clients to just go for a boat ride for sailfish. He went with me to Manzanillo this last April to deliver a boat trailer to a friend, who was shipping his boat back to Florida due to the long lines in this area decimating the fishery. But, when we got to Manzanillo, we really understood what long lines are all about. In one small location, at the local sport fishing pier, there were 30 pangas rigged and ready to go every night. Plus, the local captains told us there were about 200 in the overall area.

The blue water fishery on the West Coast of México is doomed. Enough said.

The 38 foot cruiser Yellowfin did get into some decent action on Monday. They found skipjack tuna (called oceanicos here). They got 22 in the 15 pound class. The Mexicans consider them good table fare, but most north of the border fishermen have a different opinion. However, all agree they do fight very hard.

Dave Radosta
 However, the inshore action is still incredible for several species, with roosters being the top of the food chain, and we are having outstanding fishing. Early in the week, Dave Radosta from Iron Mountain, Michigan finally came down in July. Understandably, if you are from Michigan, and want to head south, you will do it in the winter time. After fishing 15 years here in the winter, this was his first trip here in the summer. He is now a roosterfish convert.
Dave tailed this nice rooster. Note the red
and white durface popper lure
He and his wife Jill fished with Adolfo on Monday. This is what Dave emailed me: I cast the spin rod all day (yesterday) and I am paying the price a little today. But there would be no trading it as it was a great fishing day. Here is the total - 15 black skip jacks, 5 Spanish mackerel, 3 jack crevalle, two big needle fish and 5 roosters boated, three missed and about 5 or so other strikes but no hook-ups, and I lost another big rooster right at the boat.

Jill and Adolfo with her rooster
On Tuesday, Brian Gupton and Tiffanie, from the South Coast of Texas, fished with Adolfo, but were back at the dock by 11:30. As With Dave and Jill, Adolfo fished the same area up north around Pantla. Seven large roosters in a couple of hours were just too much for them, and they came back early.
I got this photo from the second floor of a house I am building
for a client. I had to reach out a long ways with the telephoto
lens, and it is grainy. But, it of Brian taking a photo of his
wife's rooster, with Jesus the deckhand up on top and
getting a well deserved rest 

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

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