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Z Fish Report (12/20/12)

Andre with a spin caught sailfish about to be released by
Francisco on the panga Huntress II 
The blue water is still on the beach, with the inshore waters averaging about 80 degrees and the offshore surface temperatures about 84 degrees.
And fishing partner Ed got in the action
 The offshore fishing has been excellent this last week with a lot of sailfish caught, and a few dorado.

Mike Bulkley told me: “Andre Paadovani from Vancouver, BC and Ed Boehner from Seattle had a good day last Saturday fishing with Capt Francisco on the panga Huntress II raising 7 Sailfish and hooking 5 using light spinning tackle and circle hooks. Andre had a repeat trip on Monday, with 5 Sails and a nice Dorado”
Daniel Froesed Fishing with Adan on the panga Gitana II
Santiago (super panga Gitana) sent me an email about how his brother Adan has been doing this week. Santiago was basically tied up most of this last two weeks trying to get the authorities to eliminate the long longs and illegal fishing here. He has been extremely successful. Santiago really deserves a serious “thank you” from all of us in the sport fishing industry.
Daniel Froese also got this nice rooster while fishing with
Santiago on the super panga Gitana
Santiago had this to say: “Adan, on the panga Giatana II fished with Daniel Froese, originally from Washington State, but now living in Africa, tagged and released 5 sailfish in two days. Then Dan went inshore fishing with Santiago, with a few jack crevalle and a very nice roosterfish.

John Wilkinson and his friend Jim, fishing with Adan, caught 5 Sailfish fishing offshore 2 days and few a Jacks in one day of inshore fishing. Also Don Gibson and his two son's from Monrovia, California caught and released 2 Sailfish one day, inshore the second day, with many big jacks and needle fish. Wednesday was a half day and we teased one sailfish for the fly but Don missed the hook set”.

Cheva, on the panga Dos Hermanos II, fished with clients from France. They released 16 sailfish over the three days of fishing.
Christine fighting her first ever rooster
The inshore jack crevalle and sierras are showing up in huge numbers and especially from Troncones to up north near the Ranch.
Christine's proof

The roosters have been pulling a dirty trick on us. We normally flail the shoreline on the back side of the waves with surface poppers, but it appears the bait has moved out a bit, and we are getting the roosters a couple of hundred yards off the shoreline.

Fly fishing client Scott Donaldson of Seattle, and his spin fishing wife Christine, made the drive with Cheva and I down to Puerto Vicente Guerrero this last Tuesday. We did not raise as many roosters as we would liked to have, because they were on the “other” side of the boat and in deeper water. They are hard to tease to the surface when they are in deeper water. However we ended up with 2 roosters and 2 nice jacks. Plus, at the end of the day of fishing we had a dozen huge oysters, with a couple of beers. I was actually cutting the oysters in half to eat them.
One of Scott's jacks

Then today (Thursday) Scott and I went up to the Ranch with Cheva on the panga Dos Hermanos II with Adolfo Jr. casting the teaser popper. Adolfo Sr., on the panga Dos Hermanos, was up there also with his spin fishing clients. And, it seemed liked they had a bent rod every time we looked over at them. But, we were fly fishing and you automatically handicap yourself when you pick up the fly rod. The surface popper we use as a teaser is hookless, and is used to bring the fish close to the boat for the fly caster to have a shot. Cheva kept watching Adolfo and mumbling about how we could “fill the boat” if we were actually fishing with real “hooks”.

I got lucky on this photo of  Scott's rooster. A large hole in the water with the drops coming down like rain. 
But, we had a very decent day on the water with 6 large sierras and several jack crevalle. The only rooster we had a shot at ate the hookless teaser completely, and then was gone a few seconds later after Adolfo Jr. finally won the tug-of-war. Roosters are way more wary than the jack crevalle.

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

For a better understanding of our seasons and species of fish here in Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo, please click on this link: http://calendarforfishing.blogspot.mx/


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