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Z Fish Report (12/27/12)

The blue water is still within a mile of the shoreline, but it appears a cooling trend is starting. With a surface temperature of an average of 82 degrees, it is about 2 degrees cooler than last week. This is normal seasonal occurrence.
One of Tony's 6 sailfish released in one day aboard the Huntress
The offshore fishing was still very good this last week with the boats averaging about 2 to 3 sailfish a day each, and several more dorado have been showing up in the counts. John Neudorf, and his son Jonathan, of Calgary spent a day with Adolfo Jr. and me down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero. We did well. We hooked 4 sailfish and one nice dorado, with a total of 7 sailfish strikes.
John with his first sailfish of the day
John and Jonathan with another sailfish
John and Jonathan with
a 20 pound dorado

To prove how every day on the water is a different day, the next day Cheva and I went down to Vicente with Les Gado of Alberta, Canada and fished the exact same areas. The water temperature and current had changed a bit over night, and we only had two sailfish strikes, and caught 2 nice dorado.
Les with a 30 pound Bull
Anthony (Tony) Rynders from Oregon caught 6 sailfish early last week with Capt. Francisco on the super panga Huntress. The Huntress raised a total of 9 Sailfish on the trip. With the full moon, the Sail fishing has declined but the Huntress is still raising 5 or more sails per day. On Wednesday, the first Striped Marlin was caught.
Francisco on the Huntress is about to release
Tony Rynder's 1st ever sailfish.
Les with the leaping female dorado shown in the 1st photo
The inshore sierras are still showing up in numbers up north at the Ranch, but it is a long gas consuming run. Adolfo, on the panga Dos Hermanos has switched tactics this week and is going south to Valentine and Petatlan. He has been getting huge jack crevalle and good numbers of sierras there, and at half the distance. He told me there are mucho jurel (jack crevalle).
Kens gave my new leaning post a real workout
Adolfo Jr. and I also fished with fly fishing client Kensington Moore of New York down at Puerto Vicente Guerrero. We had a tough day and could not find any off colored water to effectively tease a rooster or jack crevalle back to the boat. Adolfo Jr. made hundreds of casts with the popper, and we still struck out. This was also the very first day we were using my new leaning post on the bow. Kensington gave it a good work out and two thumbs up.

The only scientific reason I can figure out as to why we never even saw a rooster, and only got 1 small jack crevalle, is because we made it too easy to catch fish with such a stable casting platform on the bow…So, the Fish Gods were angry and shut the bite off.

But, we still wrapped up the day at Vicente with a dozen huge oysters and a few beers at a local palapa restaurant next to the water and inside the bay. The dozen oysters are still only 100 pesos (less than $8.00). Were the oysters fresh? When we were done fishing (vs. catching), I had watched the divers unload a large mesh bag with 12 dozen oysters from the panga as we pulled into the bay between the rock jetty walls. The oysters were only about 2 hours from the ocean to the table. That is fresh!

Ed Kunze (IGFA Representative)

For a better understanding of our seasons and species of fish here in Ixtapa /Zihuatanejo, please click on this link: http://calendarforfishing.blogspot.mx/

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